Email Raffle 

 We decided to do things differently this drop, listen up.

Thursday Sept 1st

Emails will go out to TOTAC newsletter subscribers. That means you will have till the End of Wednesday Aug 31st to subscribe. Just do it.

Already subscribed? you're good then.

Thursday email will contain blend details, size and photos of drop 3 packs. But that's not important, what's important is your reply to that email.

 Email replies must contain the number of packs you wish to purchase. max amount will be 3 packs per customer. 

*Email replies will be used to pick raffle winners*

You have till the END OF THURSDAY to reply. No exceptions

Friday Sept 2nd

Links along with password will be sent to raffle winners to be able to purchase uninterrupted. You will have till the end of Friday to follow the link and complete your purchase.

Please note that product will not appear on website and can only be accessed through this link. If after 24 hours there is product remaining (unlikely) it will become available on site until sold out 

Important:  Quantity replies must be honored. If you reply "2 packs" you will be held to it. Nothing more nothing less. Orders will be canceled and offered to the next person if not followed. 

Pack price









  • Jazz Washington

    I’m IN!!

  • Lee D.

    Yeah buddy! Let’s gooooo. Bow season here right around the corner and I’ll need two for the celebration of getting a deer.

  • Mike Medrano

    Let’s do this!!!

  • Isaac Temple

    Let’s go

  • Brent Ferguson

    Let’s gooo!

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