Bring the Ruckus, the Club's opening


We haven't opened the Club up in awhile, and to celebrate the opening, we're back on our bull shit. 

We're giving away a 1 of 1, 2024 Honda Ruckus, with the Tobac treatment.

We added Baja Design IR lights for nocturnal activities. A custom DCU front body kit cover featuring the club logo and, of course, the bolt. 

Piss off your HOA like we have since we bought this bitch.

If you want to learn more about the Honda Ruckus, Google it.

The Club is simple. $45 a month, for five of our exclusive cigars. 

We work with some of the best factories year round to blend exclusively for our Club. 

Starting this year we're not only going to provide our Club members with the best blends, we're also going to be offering exclusive collaborations only available to you. 

We'd let you know who we've got in the line up, but we're under NDA's and we're too cheap to hire lawyers. 

If you want 10 cigars a month, instead of five, sign up for two subscriptions, we don't give a fuck. We just want to show you the finer things in life.

Spots are limited so I wouldn't drag ass with signing up. Once spots are filled or Monday rolls around it will close again.

All active members will be automatically entered into the drawing. That includes all of our current members as well. Drawing in June after June packs ship.

The winner will be responsible for picking it up in Houston, Texas.

Join the Club, you could win a sick ass Ruckus. Worst thing that can happen is you end up with five good ass cigars a month.

Club Opens Friday 11AM CDT

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  • Jesse Velez

    HELL YEA! Excited about all the collabs etc. Keep it coming fellas

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